Troubleshooting common issues with the API

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Frequently asked questions

I'm developing an integration for in-house use only.
Do I need to register an API client?


Which user account should I tell my users to use when they're logging in to the API?

If your application is accessing the API interactively the users should use their personal accounts to Procountor in order to reduce confusion and ensure that they're seeing the same data they would when using Procountor with the traditional UI.

For non-interactive applications we recommend creating a technical API user account for the client company. The benefits of this approach are that the technical user can have its access rights set to exactly those required by your application, and that the API integration can continue to function regardless of organizational changes.

My use case doesn't require user interaction.
How should I authenticate my users?

You should use the machine-to-machine authentication flow. This flow requires the user to provide your application an API Key, which can then be used to get an access token.

How should I interpret the validation errors I'm receiving?

When creating or modifying resources using the API the response may include a number of error messages triggered from different validation rules. You can find descriptions for these errors on the validation error codes page.

We're not able to receive webhooks because of reasons.
How can I know if our calls requiring two-factor authentication have been accepted?

You can poll the matching .../confirm endpoint with the transaction ID you got as a response for your initial call.

Common issues with API authentication

I'm getting errors when redirecting to the login page

Verify that you are passing all the required query parameters in the URL, and that all the parameters are percent-encoded.

The login page is not displaying correctly or the login form doesn't work

The login form uses JavaScript and cookies. Make sure that you have JavaScript and cookies enabled in your browser.

I'm getting errors when posting to the token endpoint

Verify that you are passing all the required query parameters in the URL, and all the requested post paramters in the request body. Also verify that all parameters are being passed percent-encoded.

I'm getting a redirect uri mismatch error

Redirect URI must match the one configured for your API client in Procountor backend. If you are unsure what that redirect URI is, or want to change it, please contact us.

I'm getting an invalid authorization code error

The authorization code can be used only once. Please acquire a new one and use it only once.

Client is disabled in environment settings

The company the user is trying to access has not enabled the use of invoiceable APIs.