Release Notes

Information about future and past API releases

Version releases

We are constantly adding new features to Procountor API. This page has the planned changes in future releases as well as release notes for the current ones. For anyone interested, we recommend subscribing to our mailing list to get notifications about API changes as soon as they become available.

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Currently available API versions

Procountor API version diagram

API Path Version Release Date Support Ends
/latest Monthly release with no extended support. However, if new API version isn't released on that month, it will continue to have previous release
/supported 23.02 Updated to latest numbered version every three months
/v2302 23.02 2023-02-18 mid-Nov 2023
/v2211 22.11 2022-11-19 mid-Aug 2023
/v2208 22.08 2022-08-20 mid-May 2023

You can find the version update schedule from Procountor news and announcements site.

Release notes

Changes highlighted in red are not backwards compatible

Planned changes for the future

  • API UI login page will cease to support following old browsers in the near future (exact date will be communicated later):
    • Internet Explorer, all versions
    • Safari 9, or older
  • GET /currencies/latest endpoint will require rateType as string instead of integer
  • Finago Key not available after March 18, 2023

    • As communicated earlier, Finago Key will be replaced with the new Procountor Key application in 18.03.2023! Support for Finago Key application used during two-factor authentication will end in the following API endpoints:

      • PUT /users
      • DELETE /invoices/{invoiceId}/paymentevents/{paymentEventId}
      • POST /payments/directsalarypayments
      • PUT /payments/directsalarypayments/{paymentlistId}/cancel
      • POST /payments
      • DELETE /payments/{paymentId}
      • POST /payments/directbanktransfers
      • PUT /payments/{paymentId}/cancel
    • If you haven't started using Procountor Key app already, in 18.3.2023 we will switch your two-factor authentication method to the one-time password (OTP) list. Then you won't be able to use API endpoints mentioned above as they require Procountor Key. From 18.3.2023 onwards in order to take Procountor Key into use you need to

      • Confirm your identity using one-time password. If you don't have one-time password list, please order the next OTP via SMS
      • Download Procountor Key from app store
      • Pair your device with Procountor Key either by using QR code or a link via SMS

    For more detailed instructions please check Two-factor authentication in API developers page or Procountor Manual.

    Procountor testing server to be rebuilt

    Existing Procountor testing server for APIs (known as PTS), will cease to exist by the end of June, 2023. New testing server that offers improved stability, security and maintainability will be available by the end of May, 2023. Please note that existing testing environment will need to be recreated in the new server and its testing data re-added.

    We appreciate your patience and understanding during this transition period.

    You will get detailed instructions on how to access the new server once it is ready. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Procountor Integrations team.

    No new API release in March, 2023

    Changes in version 23.02


    • POST /payments endpoint now requires mandatory field invoiceVersion to ensure correct invoice is paid. Invoice's version can be fetched from GET /invoices/{invoiceId} or GET /invoices endpoints.
    • In POST /reports/generalledger{id} we have added the possibility to filter general ledger accounting report for the given ledger account by supported accountingCoaLanguages mentioned in GET /company.
    • In POST /reports/ledgeraccounts we have added the possibility to filter ledger accounts accounting report by supported accountingCoaLanguages mentioned in GET /company.
    • In POST /reports/accounting we have added the possibility to filter income statement, balance sheet and cash flow accounting reports by supported accountingCoaLanguages mentioned in GET /company.
    • In the following API endpoints, maximum pagination size has been increased to 200. i.e size request parameter will now accept maximum value up to 200. If size isn't given, 50 will be set as default, as before
      • GET /attachments
      • GET /bankaccounts
      • GET /bankstatements
      • GET /businesspartners/groups
      • GET /businesspartners
      • GET /factoringcontracts
      • GET /invoices
      • GET /invoices/{invoiceId}/paymentevents
      • GET /ledgerreceipts
      • GET /payments
      • GET /payments/directsalarypayments
      • GET /payments/errormessages
      • GET /products
      • GET /referencepayments
      • GET /webhooks

    Changes in version 23.01


    • In PUT /bankstatements/{statementId}/events/{eventId}/metadata endpoint, instead of ledgerAccount object ledgerAccountCode should be given in the request body.
    • In PUT /referencepayments/{referencePaymentId}/metadata endpoint, instead of ledgerAccount object ledgerAccountCode should be given in the request body.
    • In POST /invoices and PUT /invoices/{invoiceId} endpoints, if invoice channel is MAIL in sales invoice and sales order, will be required. If billingAddress isn't given in the request, it must be specified in
    • New field version has been added in the GET /invoices/{invoiceId} endpoint, whose value is automatically generated by Procountor and updated every time invoice is modified. Earlier invoice version was returned only in GET /invoices.
    • GET /currencies/exchangerate endpoint now returns error code 404 instead of 500, when exchange rate can't be found.
    • If required fields in billingAddress are missing in POST /invoices and PUT /invoices/{invoiceId} endpoints, API error response now tells which field it is.


    Changes in version 22.12


    • New optional fields headerText and explanationTexts have been added to InvoiceRow used in the GET /invoices/{invoiceId}, POST /invoices and PUT /invoices/{invoiceId} endpoints to support header and explanation texts in sales offers, sales orders and sales invoices. Header texts are shown before the product row and explanation texts after the product row comment. They both support maximum 512 characters.
    • New field active has been added in the GET /coa endpoint to indicate if the ledger account is active or not.
    • New field accountingCoaLanguages has been added to GET /company endpoint to return list of languages supported for accounting coa in the company environment.
    • POST /reports/ledgeraccounts, POST /reports/accounting and POST /reports/generalledger/{id} endpoints have now been fixed so that they return same results as in Procountor UI when filtered by reportStatus.
    • If mandatory fields are missing when receipt type is SALES_INVOICE and invoice channel ELECTRONIC_EINVOICE, POST /invoices and PUT /invoices/{id} endpoints now return proper field in API error response.


    • Added missing description in API reference documentation for idin POST /reports/generalledger/{id}.
    • When field given in the request body is unsupported, API error message now correctly mentions field is invalid instead of its value. This has been fixed for all API endpoints.

    Changes in version 22.11


    • In POST /invoices and PUT /invoices endpoints, for invoice type SALES_INVOICE if invoiceChannel is ELECTRONIC_INVOICE, in addition to name following fields will be required in billingAddress and counterParty > counterPartyAddress
      • street
      • zip
      • city
  • type that wasn't needed in POST /reports/ledgeraccounts has been removed from LedgerAccountsReportRequest.
  • type that wasn't needed in POST /reports/generalledger/{id} has been removed from GeneralLedgerReportRequest.
  • GET /coa endpoint now returns translations for ledgerAccounts in Chart of accounts supported languages, if translations are available.
  • POST /ledgerreceipts with parameter "createReconciliation=true" now correctly rounds decimals in accountingValue that have more than 2 decimals. Receipt is now even after adding reconciliation row.
  • New attachment type REFERENCE_PAYMENT_EVENT has been added to the GET /attachments endpoint to return attachments added to the reference payment transactions/event.
  • Other

    • In API reference documentation, GET /coa now points to the correct Chart of accounts link in Procountor manual.
    • OpenAPI JSON for receiptStatus and receiptType, which had default and enum in wrong places in following models have been corrected. API documentation for those schemas have been also updated.
      • receiptStatus in
        • AccountingReportRequest
        • LedgerAccountsReportRequest
        • GeneralLedgerReportRequest
        • ReportRequest
      • receiptType in
        • AccountingReportRequestOptions
        • LedgerAccountsReportRequestOptions
        • GeneralLedgerReportRequestOptions
        • ReportRequestOptions

    Changes in version 22.10


    • In POST /invoices, PUT /invoices/{invoiceId} and GET /invoices/{invoiceId} endpoints, comment in invoiceRows now supports up to 512 characters instead of 255.

    Changes in version 22.09


    • POST /invoices endpoint was fixed so that a new sales invoice can be created successfully even when user has no other right than to create new sales invoice or group invoice.

    Changes in version 22.08


    • We are introducing new endpoint POST /reports/ledgeraccounts to retrieve ledger accounts accounting report. This new endpoint mimics Procountor UI functionality behind Accounting -> Accounting reports (new) and Accounting report type 'Ledger accounts'. This endpoint has following limitations:
      • Date range (end date - start date) can't be more than 1 year
      • Report is presented in 'every month and total sum' format
      • Comparison data options aren't supported
      • Only handful of presentation options are supported
      • Filtering by dimensions isn't supported
    • In POST /reports/accounting endpoint, transactionValue can now be filtered with comparison symbols ( >,=>,=<, <). For example, '> 210.00'.


    • Bugs fix included in this version:
      • POST /invoices endpoint now checks if user has right to view the corresponding register if partnerId is given. If user doesn't have the required right, 403 forbidden error is returned with an appropriate error message.
      • When creating sales invoice via endpoint POST /invoices, if partnerId is given but not penaltyPercent, penalty percent is fetched from the business partner's penalInterestRate. If the business partner doesn't have penalInterestRate, sales invoice's penaltyPercent shall be set to 0,00.
      • In POST /invoices endpoint, if partnerId and penaltyPercent are missing, penaltyPercent is set from Management > Company info > Usage settings > 'Collection and penal expense settings', if it's set there. Otherwise, penaltyPercent will be set according to the country's specific general penalty percent.
      • PUT /users endpoint now checks if mobilePhone starts with prefix '+'. If it doesn't, error code 400 is returned.
      • All API requests using Webhooks that receive response transactionIdentifier will include additional confirmationApp field to indicate which application was used to confirm the transaction (FINAGO_KEY or PROCOUNTOR_KEY). In future, Finago Key will be replaced by Procountor Key as a 2-factor authentication application.
      • In POST /reports/generalledger/{id} endpoint ledgerReceiptTransactions doesn't anymore return first row with receiptDate and transactionDescription.
      • ledgerReceiptTransactions returned by POST /reports/generalledger/{id} endpoint now returns vatStatus as integer instead of string.
      • deliveryInstructions in PUT /invoices/{invoiceId}, GET /invoices/{invoiceId} and POST /invoices now supports maximum 255 chars instead of 250.

    Changes in version 22.06


    • We are introducing new endpoints regarding business partner's default dimensions:
      • GET /businesspartners/{id}/defaults/dimensions to fetch the basic information on default dimensions and their items of a particular business partner.
      • GET /businesspartners/{id}/defaults/dimensions/{dimensionId} to fetch the default dimensions items for a particular business partner.
      • PUT /businesspartners/{id}/defaults/dimensions/{dimensionId} to update the dimension items percents for a particular business partner. The number of items in a dimension is unlimited but the total percent must equal to 100. Since only percent can be updated, new endpoint GET /businesspartners/{id}/defaults/dimensions/{dimensionId} can be called first to fetch the item's other details.
    • We are introducing new endpoint POST /reports/generalledger/{id} to retrieve the general ledger accounting report for a particular ledger account.
      • This endpoint has following limitations:
        • Ledger receipts are sorted by receipt number in DESC order
        • Date range (end date - start date) can't be more than 1 year
        • Filtering by dimensions, balance sheet items, balance sheet items in transactions, ledger accounts, ledger account numbers aren't supported
        • Only handful of presentation options are supported
    • We are introducing new endpoint GET /company/expenses/collectionpenal/settings to fetch the environment's collection and penal expenses settings that is available in Procountor UI under Management > Company Info > Usage settings.


    Older release notes

    Older release notes can be found from their own page.

    Old release notes