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Information about future and past API releases

Version releases

We are constantly adding new features to Procountor API. This page has the planned changes in future releases as well as release notes for the current ones. For anyone interested, we recommend subscribing to our mailing list to get notifications about API changes as soon as they become available.

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Currently available API versions

Procountor API version diagram

API Path Version Release Date Support Ends
/latest monthly release with no extended support
/supported 21.08 updated to latest numbered version every three months
/v2105 21.05 2021-05-22 mid-Feb 2022
/v2108 21.08 2021-08-21 mid-May 2022
/v2111 21.11 2021-11-20 mid-Aug 2022

You can find the version update schedule from Procountor news and announcements site.

Release notes

Changes highlighted in red are not backwards compatible

Planned changes for the future

  • General ledger accounting report for specific ledger account
  • Support for business partners default dimensions
  • Support for a Person type business partner

Changes in version 22.05


  • New optional field invoiceOperatorInfo that contains operator and receivingAddress information have been added to InvoiceRow used in the GET /invoices/{invoiceId} endpoint for PURCHASE_INVOICE type.
  • We are introducing new endpoint GET /company/deliveryterms to view list of delivery terms allowed in invoice types PURCHASE_INVOICE, PURCHASE_ORDER, SALES_INVOICE and SALES_ORDER.
  • New optional field deliveryTermsInfo that contains name of the delivery term and municipality have been added to InvoiceRow used in the GET /invoices/{invoiceId}, POST /invoices and PUT /invoices/{invoiceId} endpoints.


  • API reference page updates:
    • The following resources names have changed
      • from Report to Reports
      • from User to Users
    • At the top of the page (just before the Servers link), OpenAPI JSON links have been added to all supported API versions

Changes in version 22.04


  • We are introducing new endpoint PUT /invoice/{invoiceId}/reject to reject payment of the specified invoice. Supported invoice types are PURCHASE_INVOICE, TRAVEL_INVOICE and BILL_OF_CHARGES. Invoice with rejected payment transits to PAYMENT_DENIED status.
  • New optional fields startDate and endDate have been added to InvoiceRow used in the GET /invoices/{invoiceId}, POST /invoices and PUT /invoices/{invoiceId} endpoints to enable row level accrual periods in invoices.
  • New optional fields startDate and endDate have been added to Transaction used in the GET /ledgerreceipts/{receiptId}, POST /ledgerreceipts and PUT /ledgerreceipts/{receiptId} endpoints to enable transaction level accrual periods in ledger receipts.
  • PUT /invoices/{invoiceId}/approve endpoint now approves invoice of type PURCHASE_INVOICE, TRAVEL_INVOICE, BILL_OF_CHARGES in PAYMENT_DENIED status.

Changes in version 22.03


  • We are introducing new endpoint POST /reports/accounting to mimic the new accounting reports functionality available in Procountor UI under Accounting > Accounting reports (new).
    • Syntax of the report rows returned by the endpoint depends on report formulas. Please check Procountor manual to learn more about default report formulas used in income statement, balance sheet and cash flow reports.
    • This endpoint has following limitations:
      • Accounting reports are returned in JSON format
      • Supports only these accounting report types: INCOME_STATEMENT, CASH_FLOW, BALANCE_SHEET
      • Custom reports aren't supported
      • Supports only these filtering options: receiptType, receiptCurrency, receiptName, customerCompanyId, entryPeriodStart, entryPeriodEnd, transactionValue, transactionCurrency (not considered if transactionValue is missing)
      • Comparison data options aren't supported and only handful of presentation options can be configured
  • New optional fields allowPersonalSubstitution and substitutes have been added to GET /company/invoicecirculation/settings to support invoice circulation substitution.
  • A bug where empty attachment list was returned in GET ​/ledgerreceipts​/{receiptId} for ledger receipt type BANK_STATEMENT_AS_RECEIPT that had attachment, has been fixed.

Changes in version 22.02


  • We are introducing new endpoint GET /businesspartners/groups to fetch business partner groups.
  • We are introducing new endpoint POST /businesspartners/groups to create business partner group.
  • We are introducing new endpoint GET /businesspartners/groups/{id} to fetch details of the given business partner group.
  • We are introducing new endpoint PUT /businesspartners/groups/{id} to update business partner group. Changing business partner group type isn't supported with this endpoint.
  • New optional field reportGroupId has been added to RegistryInfo structure used in the GET /businesspartners/{id}, POST /businesspartners and PUT /businesspartners/{id} endpoints. The reportGroupId must be one of the ids from business partner groups in partnerGroups.
  • New optional field id has been added to BusinessPartnerGroup structure returned by the GET /businesspartners/{id} endpoint. In POST /businesspartners and PUT /businesspartners/{id} endpoints:
    • If user gives conflicting id and name for business partner group, id is honored.
    • If all business partner groups have id, reportGroupId is required.
    • Either all business partner groups in partnerGroups must have id or id for all business partner groups must be null.
  • PUT /businesspartners and POST /businesspartners endpoints now save business partner groups information given in reportGroupId and partnerGroups fields. If group information isn't given, group assignments won't be changed. To remove partner groups associations please provide empty list [] for partnerGroups.
  • In PUT /invoices/{invoiceId}/paymentevents/markpaid endpoint if given currency is different than environment's base currency, payment amount will now be converted to base currency with currency rate from the invoice. This change will apply to these invoice types: sales, purchase, travel.
  • GET /invoices results can now be filtered using invoiceNumber.


  • All resources in API reference page have been collapsed.

Changes in version 22.01


  • New optional field statementNumber has been added to BankStatement structure returned by the GET /bankstatements endpoint to get bank statement number. This number starts from 1 and is reset each year.
  • New optional field receiptNumber has been added to LedgerReceipt structure returned by the GET /ledgerreceipts/{id} endpoint. This field contains the receipt number used e.g. with ledger receipts of type BANK_STATEMENT_AS_RECEIPT. The field is also available in POST /ledgerreceipts and PUT /ledgerreceipts/{id} endpoints.
  • POST /invoices and PUT /invoices/{id} endpoints now check if mandatory EInvoiceAddress is given when creating sales invoice with paymentMethod DIRECT_PAYMENT. If the address is missing, API returns error message EINVOICE_ADDRESS_MISSING.

Changes in version 21.12


  • A modified timestamp has been added to FiscalYear and TrackingPeriod structures returned by the GET /fiscalyears endpoint.

Changes in version 21.11


  • New invoice field invoiceTemplateId allows you to see the used invoice template in invoices returned by GET /invoices/{id} endpoint. The invoice template can be set with POST /invoices or PUT /invoices/{id} endpoints.
  • Bank account number is no longer required when making or updating purchase invoices and orders with CREDIT_CARD_CHARGE or OTHER payment method using POST /invoices or PUT /invoices/{id} endpoints.
  • Address validations for POST /businesspartners and PUT /businesspartners/{id} endpoints now follow the UI validations more closely.
  • We are introducing new GET /company/invoicetemplates endpoint, which returns a list of invoice templates (name and ID only) available in the company environment.


  • Previously undocumented error messages and invoices endpoint batch functionality have been added to API reference.

Older release notes

Older release notes can be found from their own page.

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