API Reference

Reference documentation for available API versions

API reference

This page presents the complete a API reference documentation for the available versions of Procountor API. Please refer to the release notes page for information about upcoming API releases and discontinuation dates for the currently available versions.

A list of available webhooks with descriptions is located on a separate page as is a list of validation error codes with their descriptions.
Webhooks reference
Validation error codes

Batch endpoints

We support batch for highly used endpoints to fetch multiple resources with a single API call. Up to 200 resources can be fetched by specifying comma-separated resource IDs.

Only resources with valid IDs are returned. The items in the result list are ordered by resource ID and does not contain duplicates. When multiple resources are requested, the result will contain a list of resources - even for 1 returned resource. If more than 200 IDs are given, 400 error response is returned. If all the given IDs are invalid, 404 error response is returned. As long as the list of IDs contains at least one valid ID, the request won't return an error.

We highly encourage you to use batch instead of requesting individual specified resource many times.

Following GET endpoints support batch:

  1. GET /products/{productIds}
  2. GET /ledgerreceipts/{receiptIds}
  3. GET /invoices/{invoiceIds}
  4. GET /businesspartners/{ids}

For example to get specific product details for product IDs from 100 to 110, you can make this single call

GET https://api.procountor.com/api/products/100,101,102,103,104,105,106,107,108,109,110 HTTP/1.1
Authorization: Bearer <access token>

Please note: The "Example Values" in endpoint details only represent instances of suitable JSON structures. Actual values for the fields must be set according to the use case.