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The basics of using Procountor API

About Procountor API

Procountor API (application programming interface) is an open interface to Procountor Financial Management, the friendly accounting software. With its diverse support for financial management features, the API can be used for building value creating integrations with both commercial software and internal systems. The API was published in early 2017 and is being enhanced and extended continually. The API mainly adheres to the REST architectural style and uses JSON as data representation format.

Procountor API is meant to be used for the Procountor Financials (Taloushallinto) version.

This website is intended as a technical reference for software developers building integrations with Procountor API. For information about the software itself, please have a look at

API versioning and release cycle

Procountor API follows a monthly release cycle. Each month a latest version of the API is published. The latest version always contains the newest set of features and endpoints.

Every three months we release a new supported version which contains all the changes from the latest versions from the past three months. These versions are numbered following YY.MM convention. Each supported version will be available in the numbered path /vXXYY for a nine month period starting from the release. Each supported version will also be available using the /supported path starting from one month after the initial release until one month after the next supported version will become available.

Integration partners may keep themselves up to date on changes by following the release notes or subscribing to Procountor Developers mailing list.

We recommend clients to use the latest API version to take advantage of new features and fixes. Note that the latest version can contain breaking API changes but those are communicated before the release in API newsletter. If latest version can't be used, we recommend clients to use the supported API version.

Using the API

To access the Procountor API one first needs to request API client credentials. In addition to credentials you also need to have a valid Procountor Financials environment with API access enabled, and a user account to that environment. You can request client credentials and testing environment here.

Request testing environment

With the client credentials and a user account you can continue to implement API authentication following the instructions outlined here. Authentication follows the OAuth 2.0 standard. After successful authentication process you will receive an access token, which can be used to authorize the API endpoints. This access token is not bound to a specific API version, but can be used with any API version or endpoint. Note that some API endpoints require using additional two-factor authentication. You can read more about this here.

See instructions for API authentication
Read about two-factor authentication

After authenticating and receiving an access token you can start making requests to the API endpoints. You can use endpoints from any API version. You can see the complete API reference for descriptions of these endpoints. Before making API requests it is good to read the conventions and practices used throughout our API. We have also prepared a set of examples you can use to familiarize yourself with our API

Read how to make API requests
Check out the example flows
Browse the complete API reference

API servers

The development process for integrations with Procountor API starts on a dedicated server for testing purposes. The testing server contains the same software platform as the production server without the possibility to enact real financial transactions. This makes it possible to move your integration from testing to production by simply changing the server address and access credentials within your application.

All three currently available API versions, latest and two supported versions, can be found from both testing and production servers. The /api and /latest/api paths always point to the latest version while the most recent supported version can be accessed using /supported/api path. Both available supported versions can also be accessed using their version specific /vYYMM/api paths.

To keep track of changes with API endpoints and supported versions please refer to the release notes page. This page also includes information about upcoming features and changes.

Production server

Resource URL
Latest API version (monthly updates)
Newest supported API version (quarterly updates)
Specific supported API version (available 6 months after release)

Testing server

Resource URL
Latest API version (monthly updates)
Newest supported API version (quarterly updates)
Specific supported API version (availble for 6 months after release)
Procountor UI

No sensitive or customer-specific information should be entered, stored, or imported into the test environment.

Testing server UI

All API testing environments can be accessed through the user interface as well. The UI uses the same user credentials than the API.

Please note that the production user accounts are not available on the testing server or vice versa. Feel free to create new user accounts and environments to the testing server. For more infomation about creating new user accounts, have a look at Procountor user manual.

Differences between testing and production

Although both the testing and production servers contain the same software platform some features are only available in production.
The following features do not work in testing:

  • Changing or resetting passwords without logging in to the Procountor UI
    • Passwords can still be managed using the UI.
  • Bank connections
    • The testing environment does not execute actual financial transactions nor does it receive statements from banks.
  • Sending mail
    • The testing server does not send out any mail, electronic or otherwise

Other useful information

Procountor user manual

Procountor user manual answers several questions regarding everyday usage of Procountor. The manual is available in English, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and Norwegian on Procountor support site. If the API reference does not provide a satisfying amount of information to your needs, the user manual is worth checking.

See user manual

Differences between countries

The API is equal in each country: Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. However, due to legislation and product feature differences, validations for some of the API fields are country-dependent. These differences are documented in the complete API reference.

When developing an integration intended to be used in multiple countries, please request testing environments for each of the respective countries.


Actions made through the API respect the standard limits and pricing of the Procountor environment in question. For instance, creating invoices or ledger receipts through the API counts against the possible quotas associated with the environment, and are priced as if they were made on the UI. Additionally, usage of Procountor API may involve monthly or similar fees. These fees will be charged from the end-user company as an add-on service.

The current API pricing and fees can be found from Procountor product pages for Finland, Sweden and Global. Pricing is subject to change.

All actions made in testing environments on the Public test server, as well as accessing the testing environments through the API or UI, are free of charge.