What does Procountor API offer?

Real-time access

Use Procountor API (application programming interface) to directly connect your software with the resources for financial management in Procountor.


Don't stick to old-fashioned file imports and exports. Forget copy-pasting. Pick and utilise the API endpoints your application requires.

Quick start

Procountor API is well-documented, RESTful and has no setup fees. This website contains all information your developers need.

For everyone

Software vendors

Using Procountor API increases the value of your product. It provides real-time access to your customers' financial management through your software, enabling new features.

Internal system owners

Build an integration to automatise manual processes in your company. Transfer data to accounting with a click of a button. Get instant data for reporting purposes.

Procountor users

Are you using an ecommerce platform or perhaps an ERP product? Ask your service provider about integration with Procountor!

Are you a developer?

4 Simple steps to success

Getting started with Procountor API is quick and convenient. Begin with browsing through the documentation to see what kind of possibilities the API would provide to your use case. After registering as a developer, proceed to authorizing your application and obtaining an access token through an OAuth2 process. Once done, you may start developing against our API.

1. Browse through the API reference and API certification checkpoints

First, have a look at the complete API reference to see how the API suits your needs. If a necessary endpoint is missing, see the release notes page for information about our future development plans. We recommend using our consultancy services to help with finding the best solution for your integration case.

You can be officially certified by us, by fulfilling all our API certification checkpoints. API certification is pre-requisite to join our Procountor Partner Program for Finnish Software companies or Procountor Partner Program for Swedish Software companies, which provides you a path to our ecosystem and grow your business together with us.
Our primary objective is to help you maximise your ability to support your customers.
Even if you do not intend to be officially certified by us or join the Program, we strongly encourage you to follow the certification checkpoints.

Browse API reference

Browse API certification checkpoints

2. Register as a developer

Second, register yourself as a developer. We'll provide you with a private testing environment and credentials for accessing our API testing server.


3. Obtain an access token

After receiving the credentials for a testing environment, obtain an access token by proceeding through two steps of an OAuth2 process. When starting to develop your integration, consider what type of authentication approach would suit your use case the best.

See instructions

Avoid sending sensitive information (password, API client secret, API key, refresh token, authorization code) in the request URL [OWASP guidelines].

4. Start developing

Please note Procountor API is meant to be used for the Procountor Financials/Taloushallinto version.

The access token is your key to Procountor API. Now continue with reading the general information and making API requests before making your first request. Additionally, notice that some API features require setting up your Procountor Financials environment before using them.

Using any of the API endpoints or UI features in the testing environment is completely free of charge. Please note, however, that API pricing and standard rates for certain transactions may apply in production environments. Pricing information can be found on the general information page.

Once you are ready with your integration, please contact us for details on how to proceed towards using it in production.