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New integrations

Interested in developing an integration with Procountor API? Great! To begin with your development process, submit a request for a private testing environment, and we'll provide you with credentials as soon as possible. Consider using our consultancy services to ensure the API has the necessary support for your integration case.

Request a testing environment

Moving to production

Once ready with developing your integration on the API testing server, you may request API client credentials to the production server. At this point, we would like to know some more details about your integration. Please proceed to filling out a dedicated form to notify us about your need.

Request access to production

Contact information

Information: Support for using the API is not included in our complimentary customer service. For getting advice with complex cases concerning integrations with Procountor, we recommend purchasing a consultancy package.

Contact Contact address Responsibilities Languages
Finago Procountor Integrations team
  • General enquiries about the API
  • Redirect URI changes
  • Requests for additional API clients or testing environments
  • Consultancy packages

Note: In issues related to API requests, kindly include the corresponding API request in your message for efficient troubleshooting.

Old non-API integrations
  • SFTP transfer
  • File imports and exports
Finago Procountor customer service See details on for
  • Procountor software (UI)

Support and consultancy

To help with finding the best solution for your integration case, we recommend using our consultancy services. For descriptions and pricing information for our consultancy packages, please visit for Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Please send us an email to start a consultancy plan, and we'll be in touch with you soon!

Online resources

Difficulties in integration but prefer not to use consultancy? First, ensure you have got acquainted with our complete API reference, general API principles and use case examples. If the issue concerns using Procountor in general, check also if our user manual in your language could help.

See user manual

Technical issues and feature requests

Our systems are of high quality and always tested according to industry standards. In any software, however, the risk for encountering technical issues exists. Should you think you have found a bug or other type of malfunctioning in our system, please notify us by email.

We are constantly developing new features to Procountor API. As a rule, the features are prioritised based on overall demand. If building your integration suffers from a missing endpoint, you may submit your enquiry to us by email.